Partner User Licence Agreement (PULA)

Version: 1.0

Dated: 27 March 2024

We are Sen Corporation Limited with registered number 06270642 and registered address at 1st Floor 33 Great Sutton Street, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 0DX.

You are the company or organisation identified by the information provided in the ‘Download request email’.

This agreement is a Partner User Licence Agreement (PULA). It includes and incorporates the terms of our end user licence agreement, which you can find here (EULA).

The EULA applies to every user of Sen Content: this PULA explains the additional terms which apply specifically to you, and which describe how you may access and use the Sen Content identified in section B below. Any defined terms which are used in this PULA have the meaning given them in the EULA, unless the defined terms are expressly defined in this document.

By sending a Video Download Request, you confirm that you have read, and agree to be bound by, the terms of this PULA as well as the EULA.


  1. Use

    • This section describes the service (Premium Service) and specifies the scope of use (Permitted Use) which we allow to you as the extension of the licence referred to by clause 2.2 of the EULA.

    • NB clause 3.2 of the EULA, and paragraphs 3.2 and 4.1 of its Acceptable Use Policy, each of which applies without limitation of the remaining provisions of the EULA.

  1. Permitted Use

    Use of the Sen Content is subject to this PULA. The following uses are permitted:

    • Download the Sen Content.

    • Edit and analyse the Sen Content.

    • Combine the Sen Content with other content.

    • Use is provided on a *non-exclusive* basis only.

  1. Use Period


  1. Payment terms

    30 days from the date.

  1. Specific terms

    Sen Content is to be used solely for civil and peaceful purposes only and not for military, defence or security purposes.

  1. Special conditions

    Partner will ensure that its End Users who order and/or purchase and/or otherwise access Sen’s content will be bound by the same terms of use of Sen’s content as all end users set out in Sen’s EULA and also be bound by the same terms as the Partner under this PULA. The Partner will therefore ensure that its own EULA entered into with its own end users confers only the rights and terms of use of those set out in Sen’s EULA and this PULA.


  1. Premium Service - Download

    • Description: For use online only.

    • Price: £250 + sales tax as applicable.

  1. Premium Service - Download

    • Description: For TV broadcast.

    • Price: £500 + sales tax as applicable.